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Accessibility information

We have built this site with accessibility in mind, and tried to ensure as much as posssible that it complies with current W3C/WAI guidelines and has been built in accordance with W3C standards and specifications for HTML, CSS and DOM srcipting.

Conformance to w3c/wai guidelines

We have ensured that this site is genuinely accessible to all:

  • This site has been built with the latest HTML5 standards
  • Visual presentation is completely separate from content and style sheets validate to w3c standards
  • This site will degrade gracefully in older less capable browsers and user agents - sorry if it doesn't look that great for you!
  • We have added access keys and other useful accessibility features
  • We have avoided the use of javascript, unless it's function has no bearing on accessibility
  • This site does not use tables for page layout
  • Forms have been coded in simple order and we have used labels and grouping go give added meaning
  • We have been sympathetic in text colour choices so that colour blind individuals have no difficulty
  • We have used simple English language for the site

Access keys

We have used access keys to aid navigation, for those preferring or needing to use a keyboard. Where possible we have followed the UK government guidelines in an attempt to keep things consistent and familiar.

  • Home Page - 1
  • Access Keys Page - 0
  • Site Map - 3
  • Terms and conditions - 8
  • Contact us -

How to use Access Keys

This depends on your operating system and the type and version of your browser, here are some common ones:

For a PC running Windows and using Internet Explorer version 5 or better:
Press and hold the ALT key, press the Access Key and then press ENTER.

For a PC running Windows and using Mozilla (firefox):
Press and hold the ALT key, then press the Access Key of your choice.

Please note, as browsers get better, support of Access Keys will get better and may even standardise. However, they are currently not supported by Opera or earlier versions of the above web browsers, and access key support can be a little hit or miss.

If this site looks strange

As mentioned above, this site degrades gracefully in older browsers and technology, which means that it may not look that great for some people using older browsers or non graphical devises. However, you will still find it works and you will still be able to use it quite successfully.