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We have worked with many different industry sectors and try to understand any specific or unique requirements that your sector may have.

We know that you may require specialised creative, new media and digital training even though you are not specialised in this area. For example most companies now run and manage their own website but will require training and skills for their people to do so.

Some of the key sectors we have worked with include:

Small business

We are increasing our efforts to work with the many of the great smaller bsuinesses in the UK. We know that many have similar needs and wants of the larger corporates but yet time and money is harder to come by. We also know that individuals in these businesses have to wear many hats and often do many of the roles dedicated to other individuals in larger organisations. Our small business workshops and training for smaller business is tailred to suit your needs.

UK Charities

Most charitable bodies now have a big online presence as well as running events and creating print based materials and publications. As a charity you will want top flight skills just the same as everybody else but you will have to mindful of pricing and accountability. Because of our pricing guarantees we can ensure you will get the best training for the best value.

Government Bodies and Local Authorities

Local government and central government increasingly have to do inhouse what previously you will have outsourced to specialists. We can train your people with those specialist skills so that you can achieve the same results with the same people that you used to get from others.


Universities, colleges and higher education establishments have to offer the latest skills and qualifications to their students. Your teachers and trainers need to be knowledgeable and well skilled in all the latest digital and new media techniques. Our commercial trainers can deliver those skills to you.

Print Publishers

The publishing industry continues to evolve and see great challenges in the digital age. You will be under pressure to use the latest products to publish into multiple platforms and deliver cost effectiveness and production efficiency. All our trainers work in industry as well as teach can show you how to use the latest packages but also how to get the most out of them efficiently.

Entertainment and Media

Film and video production has changed dramatically in recent times and you will need to create cutting edge quality content and distribute it everywhere. Our web and video production specialists can train you in the latest software and techniques to get your content out there.

Retailers (on and off line)

Whether you are a fully fledged ecommerce looking for the latest search and online marketing techniques or an off line retailer with great web and print presence you will need suitable skills to compete in the retail environment. We do understand the highly competitive nature of retail and what it takes to be the best.

Creative and design agencies

Your busy design and creative staff are your key asset, you want them delivering the best solutions to your customers. We know it takes time and energy to learn the latest techniques and skills and that is time they often don’t have. Our commercial training programmes deliver high skill in a short time frame.