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Striking web graphics with Gimp

Images and graphics have always played a significant part in your web sites presentation, your content, and social media profiles. Many business owners find this a daunting thing to do themselves and often turn to expensive designers and graphic artists when in fact some simple basics are quite achievable with a little know how.

You will need some graphics software for this type of work, but you won't need to buy Photoshop or pay for an Adobe cloud licence. For this course we are going to use GIMP which is a licence free software program that you can download for FREE from the web.

This hands on half day workshop is aimed at non technical small business owners, entrepreneurs, directors, sales professionals and managers who would like to prepare and use some of their own graphics on their websites and social media profiles.

Pre-workshop Requirements

There are no pre-workshop requirements but you should have basic internet, PC and/or Mac skills. You will need to download and install GIMP from the web before the course. GIMP runs on both PC and Mac.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn about creating great graphics for use on the web and social media
  • You will learn how to use a graphics package to enhance, change and edit photos and images


½ Day Workshop

Tools and materials

We will provide paper and either handouts or bookmark links for the workshop. Please bring along your own laptop and make sure you have GIMP installed.

Workshop agenda

About graphics

  • Image types and formats
  • Image resolution and size
  • Choosing your colour mode
  • Bitmaps vs Vectors
  • Common terminology

The GIMP interface

  • Interface overview
  • Switching panels on and off
  • The tool box
  • Overview of the most common tools
  • Setting up the tools
  • The main menus

Working with images

  • Opening image files
  • Working with layers
  • Zooming and panning
  • Creating new image files
  • Saving your images
  • Exporting your images in other formats
  • Web optimisation

Working with selections

  • The selection tools
  • Selecting image areas
  • Saving selections
  • Selecting to edit vs selecting to protect
  • Inverse selections
  • Refining selections

Basic drawing

  • The drawing tools
  • Creating shapes
  • Joining shapes together
  • Adding basic effects
  • Basic masking techniques

Photo Retouching

  • Spotting flaws in photos
  • Removing unwanted objects from images
  • Correcting exposure
  • Correcting and changing colours
  • Repairing red eye and skin blemishes

Working with text

  • Adding type to your image
  • Working with the type tool
  • Choosing fonts
  • Adding special effects to type

Questions and Answers