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Google Analytics for smaller businesses

Want to know what web content your users like and what pages and features provide the best results? It's increasingly important to also know where your web traffic came from and if your other online marketing efforts are delivering the results you expect.

This hands on half day workshop is aimed at non technical small business owners, entrepreneurs, directors, sales professionals and managers who need to understand what their web users are doing and what on line activity is working.

Pre-workshop Requirements

There are no pre-course requirements although you should have everyday PC or Mac skills.

Learning outcomes

  • You'll learn how to set up, configure and administer Google Analytics and how it collates it's data.
  • You'll learn about the key web metrics like page views, visits and bounce rates, the key standard reporting features and what they mean.
  • You'll gain some insight into some of the more advanced features like dash boards, segments, goals and funnels.


½ Day Workshop

Tools and materials

We will provide paper and either handouts or bookmark links for the workshop. We do not supply workstations for these workshops so please bring along your own laptop or tablet and your google log in information if you wish to use your own data – we will provide WiFi access.

Workshop agenda

Set up and administration

  • About Google accounts and signing up
  • Setting up tracking on your site
  • How Analytics tracks pages
  • Administering the set up
  • About properties, views(profiles) and users
  • About the default view (profile)
  • Filtering a view

Using the interface

  • The Google Analytics interface
  • Choosing a date range for your reports
  • Choosing different chart types and report data
  • Drilling into your reports for more information
  • Exporting your reports for others

The key measurements

  • The key traffic metrics – visits, page views, bounces etc.
  • How accurate is the data
  • Making the data more accurate

The standard reports

  • What's happening on your site right now – Realtime
  • Who are your visitors, what and how do they use – Audience
  • Where does your web traffic come from – Acquisitions
  • Which parts of our site are popular and working – Behaviour
  • How much value are your visitors bringing – Conversions

Some advanced features

  • Making the information more user friendly (dashboards)
  • What is goal and funnel and how can I use it?
  • Setting up Web Master Tools for search information
  • Filtering reports with advanced segments

Questions and Answers