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Small business workshops

Using experience from our commercial training we have devised a series of very keenly priced training workshops aimed specifically at smaller businesses, as we recognise that many smaller businesses have the same needs as the larger corporates but with far less budget.

We achieve this by having more people in a workshop than a typical commercial course, and we tend to cover the subject matter in a focused succinct way. There is a little less time for dedicated help and hands on practise, but you will get all the knowledge you need.

In many cases the workshops content is tailored to the specific needs of the smaller business. For example we know that location focused online marketing might be a priority for you but it's not for larger companies. We have also customise these workshops to use tools and software that is freely available and to keep set up as simple as possible. Our Striking web graphics with Gimp workshop is a great example, where we'll show you how to create some really good looking images for your website and social media with the FREE graphics program called Gimp.

Small business workshop outlines

This is a selection of our current small business workshops priced from around £50.

Prices and booking dates are shown on each outlines.