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Building a solid Linked-In presence

Using social media to reach and engage your customers should be an integrated part of your small business. It's very cost effective and it works.

This hands on half day workshop is aimed at non technical small business owners, entrepreneurs, directors, sales professionals and managers who need to get a grip of using social media quickly.

Linked-in is the number one social media choice for business to business online marketing. You will explore Linked-in in detail, learn how to build a great personal profile and/or business page for your company and you'll learn how to connect with others.

Pre-workshop Requirements

There are no pre-workshop requirements but you should have basic internet, PC and/or Mac skills. If you would like to complete or work on your personal and/or business profile please consider having the following information available on the day:

  • Education History and dates
  • Up to date CV (including job history)
  • List of skills and expertise (both hard and soft skills)
  • Several choices of profile photographs (high resolution jpeg preferred)
  • Existing contact databases (outlook, hotmail, Facebook)
  • Company logos and colours
  • Listing of company products and services with descriptions


½ Day presentation and workshop

Learning outcomes

  • You'll learn about the benefits and key ideas of using social media and Linked-in for business.
  • Learn how to complete an engaging personal profile and a business page and how to connect with others and use those connections for your business.
  • Learn about some of the more advanced Linked-in features and the tools used by social media professionals.

Tools and materials

We will provide paper and either handouts or bookmark links for the workshop. Please bring along your own laptop or tablet and your log in information if you wish to use your existing Linked-In profile. We will provide WiFi access.

Workshop agenda

Introduction to social media

  • Why use social media?
  • Social media strategy and ideas
  • Channels and choices

Social content

  • Identifying suitable content
  • Choosing your messages
  • Social media policy

About Linked-in:

  • What is Linked-in?
  • The linked-in interface

Setting up a personal profile

  • Choosing a profile picture
  • Completing you profile content
  • Recommendations and endorsements
  • Status updates

Setting up a business page

  • Logos and business information
  • Products
  • Status changes

Building contacts

  • Adding eexisting contacts
  • Building your network
  • Networking and linked-in etiquette
  • Searches and advanced searches
  • Working with groups

Social media tools:

  • The tools the pro's use
  • How to manage your Linked-in channels effectively

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