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Building your own website with Wordpress

Smaller businesses need to leverage the power of the web just like larger enterprises. We all need a professional looking web site with fresh up to date features and content as a minimum. But having them built can be an expensive and scary experience for most small business owners and managers.

If you fancy doing it yourself it's not as difficult or complex as you might think. You don't need to be a web geek or coder to run a great web site and you don't need expensive software either.

This hands on full day workshop is aimed at non technical web people, business owners, marketeers, entrepreneurs, directors and small business owners who are already running a Wordpress web site or would like to build and/or run your own website using the world class Wordpress platform.

Pre-workshop Requirements

This workshop will require some pre-course set up and preparation – see Tools and Materials Below, however there are no pre-course knowledge requirements except everyday PC or Mac skills.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn all the key controls and become very familiar with the Wordpress interface and tools.
  • You will understand how to organise, write and present your content in the most appropriate and powerful way.
  • You'll be able to customise the look of your site and add important features and functions to make your site truly professional.


1 Day Workshop

Tools and materials

We will provide paper and either handouts or bookmark links for the workshop. We do not supply workstations for these workshops so please bring your own laptop and your Wordpress log in (for existing site owners) if you wish to use your own website – we will provide WiFi access.

NB: This hands on workshop requires that each individual has their own Wordpress site to work on. Please download our set up instructions that must be completed before the workshop. Don't worry if you need help, please call us and we'll walk you though it.

Workshop agenda

About Wordpress

  • What is Wordpress?
  • What can Wordpress do?
  • Wordpress supporting websites

Getting started

  • The Wordpress interface
  • The admin bar and previewing your site
  • Working with the dashboard
  • Customising the screens
  • Content controls
  • Site admin controls
  • Getting help and support

Adding and editing content

  • Planing your content
  • Pages vs Posts
  • Categories, sub categories and tags
  • Adding and structuring pages
  • Adding and structuring posts
  • Basic look and feel changes
  • Defining custom slug names

Basic site configuration

  • Adding users and user roles
  • Changing site structure and permalinks
  • Changing other site settings
  • Managing post and page comments

Working with images

  • Uploading images to the media library
  • Inserting images into posts and pages
  • Controlling image position
  • Defining featured images
  • Advanced image settings
  • Adding a photo gallery
  • Adding videos

Adding more functions and features

  • What is a plug-in?
  • Installing plug-ins
  • Anti-spam tools
  • Adding a light box to your photo galleries
  • Adding a contact form
  • Adding Google Analytics to your site
  • Adding SEO tools

Customising the look of your site

  • What is a theme?
  • Changing visual theme settings
  • Adding a custom banner
  • Working with Widgets
  • Controlling and customising menu bars
  • Changing your theme
  • Using a premium theme

Questions and Answers